Premium Parking
Ruby On Rails Development, Front-end Development, iOS and Android apps
The service offers to buy a parking spot for a car with the most rapid and convenient payment method.

The iOS and Android apps are currently available for downloading. Install the app and give us a 5 star rating, please!

Buying a parking spot
The idea of the application is to provide a fast and easy way to buy a parking place for needed amount of time. Expiration time of the session is displayed on the main page. The session can be prolonged later on.

Search parking near destinations
If visiting a specific event, restaurant, museum or a store, a driver can buy a parking spot in the closest area.
The app notifies the user in several cases: when the session is started, when there is 15 minutes left in the session and when the session is expired.  
Code improvement by 40%
In September 2015 the client came to us with the barely working project. At that time, according to the Code Climate service, the code quality indicator for the Premium Parking web-site was 0.73. In July the index was raised up to 2.33. Note that 4 is the maximal value. The client and the team are proud of the work done.

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